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Alumiro is a Canadian company manufacturing high-quality aluminum windows and doors in Toronto, Canada. We build these products for residential, commercial, and industrial applications across North America. Our owners have over thirty years experience in the window, door and construction businesses and we work closely with every client on their designs, confident that we can bring their creative projects to life with our innovative and excellent craftsmanship.


Alumiro uses only the highest quality aluminum materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to ensure that our products are durable, efficient and sustainable. We work with local, national and international partners to build the most modern and innovative window and door systems.


To work closely with each client from conception and development through to the production, assembly and installation stages to provide total support to make sure they achieve their objectives.


All Alumiro’s Windows and Doors are manufactured in Canada and Come with Powder Coated Aluminum Frames with a Thermal Break, 6mm Tempered Glass, Argon Gas and Low-E Coating

Manufactured in Canada
  • Our products are manufactured in Ontario, Canada
  • We meet or exceed all North American building standards
  • We can provide service on all products and accessories within forty-eight (48) hours if any problems arise.
  • Our top-of-the-line hardware is produced by ROTO North America and comes with a 10-year warranty.
Aluminum Frames

Alumiro’s Aluminium frames which warranted for fifteen (15) years for the exterior colour and twenty (20) years for the interior colour are the same in applications from residential to commercial and offer 6 key advantages that make it the ideal choice for beautiful window or door frames:

  • High strength
  • Excellent thermal efficiency
  • Sound Barrier
  • Fire Protection
  • Low maintenance
  • Style



Aluminium is the strongest material used to manufacture window and door frames and will not be affected by changes in temperature and will not:

  • Flex
  • Twist
  • Expand
  • Contract




  • An EPDM rubber strip in our aluminum window and door profiles create a thermal break making them highly thermally efficient and less conductive of cold or heat
  • Tested for wind, air, water and structural performance
  • Certified by NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) and AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association)


  • Our aluminum frames with our thermal break combined with either double or triple glazed window or door glass create an excellent sound barrier.
  • The more the number of panes of glass used in our aluminum frame, the better its sound insulation properties will be.


  • The melting temperature of aluminum is high which lowers the time it takes to damage these windows during a fire.
  • Helps stop fire from spreading preventing damage to different parts of the home.



  • Powder coated frames offer long life and less fading.
  • Clean with warm soapy water in order to keep them looking new
  • No need to be repainted and the colour won’t fade over time.
  • Powder coated aluminium also does not corrode, discolour, rot or warp.



  • Beautiful slim frames available with powder coated colours (4 Standard colour choices and over 200 special optional colours) that give a flawlessly smooth finish creating windows of the highest quality.
  • We offer a range of styles to suit your creativity, including casement, awning, push out plus tilt and turn windows.
  • High flexibility Aluminum along makes it easy to bend without reducing its strength, allowing you to create unique window shapes without losing the characteristics of the aluminum metal.
6mm Tempered Glass

Most window manufacturers use 3, 4 or 5mm glass, at Alumiro we only use 6mm glass in our windows and doors ensuring a stronger window which gives you lower energy costs and better security as well as significantly reducing noise levels.

  • 6mm tempered glass is 5X stronger than 6mm regular glass
  • Better noise reduction
  • It is less likely to bow or warp under high stress
  • Higher security and less costly

Higher energy savings

Low-E Coating

Low-E glass is created by depositing a microscopically thin, transparent metal or metallic oxide layer on the glass which reflects the heat back to the inside, reducing the radiant heat loss through the glass. The reverse happens during the summer.


  • Energy Efficiency, reduces heat loss by up to 50%
  • Long term cost saving, decreases heating expenses
  • Does not reduce natural daylight or transparency
  • Ensures maximum benefit from solar heat
  • Protects against UV radiation by over 68% reducing the sun’s aging and fading effects
Argon Gas
  • Double or triple glazed windows are filled with argon gas between each pane.
  • Argon gas’ thermal conductivity is 67% lower than air, reducing the U-value of double or triple glazed windowseven further. 
  • Argon is a colourless, odourless gas, is not harmful in any way and it is a non-reactive, inert gas.
  • This ensures that the windows and doors will stay effective for a longer amount of time (20+ years).
Triple Glazed Windows and Doors
  • Optional Triple Glazing offers excellent energy efficiency along with durability and sound proofing.
  • Triple glazing offers three panes of glass with a non-conductive spacer between each pane with each cavity filled with Argon gas providing a better thermal layer and higher performance.
  • Our triple glazed product also comes with Low-E coating on two surfaces
Colour Choices
  • Broad range of standard colours available for your windows or doors: Black, White, Dark Brown, Charcoal Grey.
  • Over 200 special colours which are available on request, allowing you to match you windows and doors seamlessly.