In today’s world, the building facade is very important. If you walk around big cities, you will usually see many tall buildings with different facades.  Have you ever thought about the facade of these buildings? Have you compared the different types of them? In today’s world, many tall buildings are built with curtain walls.

The curtain wall indeed separates the inside and outside of the building just like other walls, but this wall is very different from normal walls in terms of implementation and construction. To get more information in this field, we suggest you follow us to the end of this content.


What is a curtain wall?

Curtain walls are a type of building facade that is used in modern construction today. These walls usually have aluminum frames that different materials can fit between these frames. In many cases, glass is the primary material that fills the aluminum frames. But different types of metals, pieces of stone, concrete, and … can be used to make a curtain wall.

What is a curtain wall?
What is a curtain wall?


How are curtain walls made?

The main thing that has made the curtain walls maintain their strength is the use of aluminum. Aluminum is used in many different fields in today’s world. For example, aluminum composite panels, various types of aluminum doors and windows, and curtain wall frames are among the uses of aluminum in the construction industry.

Aluminum has very good strength, and this has made the structure of curtain walls not reduce the strength of the building in addition to its amazing features. In addition to the aluminum, various raw materials are used to fill the space between the aluminum frames. In many modern buildings, unbreakable glass is usually used to fill aluminum frames.

But other raw materials such as polyethylene, polyurethane, and various types of metals are among those raw materials that can be used in this field. Pay attention to the fact that, in general, the structure of the curtain wall should be insulated. This wall can allocate a large part of the building to itself, for this reason, if proper insulation methods are not used when building these walls, the energy loss will be so much.


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How are curtain walls made?


When were the first curtain walls built?

It may be a little unexpected to hear this, but curtain walls are not considered new construction. The history of this type of facade goes back to the early 19th century. The first engineer and architect who decided to use this type of structure was an English engineer who tried to implement the curtain wall on the buildings he was building in Liverpool.

At the beginning of the use of this type of structure, different metals were used to make curtain wall frames. But with the industrialization of aluminum and due to its unique features, such as cheap price, lightweight, and high strength, now various types of curtain wall frames are made with aluminum metal.

It was at the end of the 20th century that aluminum was widely used to make curtain walls. This metal is so suitable and efficient that even in today’s modern world, it maintains its position in the construction of different types of curtain walls and is used as a permanent raw material in this field.


Curtain walls are suitable for which building?

You may ask yourself that considering the unique features of curtain walls, can they be used in all buildings with any feathers? In general, there are no rules and regulations in the field of using curtain walls. This product can be used on any type of building with any features.

For example, you can use curtain walls in residential, office, commercial buildings, laboratories, and even hospitals. Using curtain walls in residential buildings can give a special beauty to the houses. Along with the use of this structure, using an all-over curtain can allow you to enjoy amazing natural light and a beautiful view.  Curtain walls at very high altitudes can give you a rather amazing view.


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Curtain walls are suitable for which building?


Can the use of curtain walls reduce the strength of the structure?

Many people think that the use of curtain walls can make the building more vulnerable to environmental factors such as earthquakes.  This idea is completely wrong. We told you earlier that aluminum, which is used as the main frame of curtain walls, is a very strong metal.

In addition to using aluminum, using other raw materials that have good strength can help you to have a strong structure. For example, unbreakable glass is one of those raw materials that not only do not reduce the strength of the building but can even make the building stronger.

All of you, even if you do not specialize in the field of architecture, know that the lower the weight of a structure (along with the use of strong raw materials), the higher its strength. It is for this reason that curtain walls are known as an effective factor in building strength. So, not only these walls cannot reduce the strength of the building, but they are even used as a method of strengthening the building.


Are curtain walls insulated against sound and heat?

The idea of ​​using glass or metal instead of normal building materials such as brick, cement, concrete, etc. have made many of us feel that curtain walls are not good insulation against sound and heat. Let’s examine together the elements used in the curtain wall and their power in the field of heat and sound insulation. Aluminum metal is known as a constant primary material in the construction of curtain walls.

In addition to light weight and proper strength, this metal is known as good heat and sound insulator if it is combined with other raw materials and suitable coatings. In addition to the aluminum frame, the raw materials used to fill these frames must also be good insulators.

All the raw materials used in this field, such as double-glazed glass and unbreakable glass, polyethylene, polyurethane, etc., are known as suitable heat and sound insulators.

These points make the set of curtain walls known as suitable and amazing insulation that prevents energy wastage to a great extent. In fact, by using curtain walls, you have benefited from a very strong and insulated wall, along with amazing benefits such as an excellent view.

Are curtain walls insulated against sound and heat?
Are curtain walls insulated against sound and heat?


Curtain walls can be known as a revolution in the field of architecture. This construction method, in addition to beautifying the facade of the building, can also turn the interior of the building into a very pleasant environment. Imagine how much larger the rooms of a building can look with a large glass wall? Paying attention to these factors has caused curtain walls to be used as one of the most used methods of building beautification.

This method, along with an affordable cost, can give amazing beauty to a building.

We told you that the main raw material used to make the curtain wall is aluminum. In Alumiro, we have considered different types of curtain wall templates for you. Also, these frames are designed and produced with very unique features. Anyway, one of the most important factors of the building is its appearance.

The more beautiful the frames used in the curtain wall are, the more beautiful the facade of the building will be. In addition to using quality, insulating, lightweight, and strong raw materials, our designers produce curtain wall frames in the most beautiful colors and designs for you.

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