In addition to improving the security of the house, different types of doors and windows can help us to connect with the environment outside the house. In this context, we want to talk to you about two of the most popular types of doors and windows. Aluminum windows and doors, along with UPVC windows and doors, are among the most popular products currently used in architecture. Each of these products has its unique features and can be used as a suitable option in various cases.


Aluminum windows and doors

Before examining the difference between aluminum windows and doors and UPVC windows and doors, it is better to talk about the characteristics of each of these materials. Aluminum is one of the most popular metals used to make building materials such as aluminum composite panels, curtain walls, doors, windows, etc. Aluminum is a metal that is very durable and strong compared to its weight. In addition to this, this metal is very flexible and you can shape it into various frames. Compared to other raw materials such as iron, aluminum is lighter.


UPVC windows and doors

UPVC is a type of compressed plastic. Due to its low weight and good strength, this material is widely used for making different types of doors and windows. Due to the artificiality of UPVC, this material shows good resistance against environmental factors such as chemicals, humidity, sunlight, etc.  As you all know, plastic is always known as an insulating material. This issue has made UPVC doors and windows have good insulation properties.



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Comparison of UPVC and aluminum windows and doors


Comparison of UPVC and aluminum windows and doors

UPVC and aluminum, and the products made from them can be examined from various points of view. Let’s check these items together so that you can buy the most suitable product according to your taste.


Fire resistance of windows and doors

Aluminum windows and doors have relatively good fire resistance and do not burn easily. The melting point of aluminum is relatively high, and this is the reason why aluminum windows and doors are very resistant to fire. This also prevents the spread of fire to a great extent. Even if aluminum burns and destroys, it does not produce any toxic gas.

UPVC windows and doors, just like aluminum windows and doors, show relatively good resistance to fire and can withstand fire for a relatively long time. If these products are burned, they produce an unpleasant smell just like burning plastic. Inhaling the thick fumes from burning UPVC can be quite dangerous.


Strength and security

Aluminum windows and doors have good strength and security. If these products are covered with a suitable top layer, they can resist humidity, sunlight, and temperature changes for a long time. According to the tests conducted on aluminum, these products are among the strongest products, which in addition to preventing thieves from entering the house, are also highly resistant to environmental factors such as earthquakes or even floods, and prevent the building from collapsing.

UPVC doors and windows also have good strength and show good resistance against environmental factors. But if you are looking for the strongest and highest quality doors and windows and building security is important to you, it is better to use aluminum windows and doors.


Strength and security


Heat and sound insulation

If aluminum windows and doors are combined with double-glazed windows, they can be good insulation for sound and heat. Aluminum itself is also a good insulator. This is why aluminum doors are known as another insulating product.

UPVC windows and doors can also be good insulation for heat and sound because they are made of compressed plastic. These types of windows and doors are usually designed using double-glazed glass, and this makes UPVC products be used as a suitable insulator to prevent heat and sound transmission.



Aluminum doors and windows are designed in various types. We told you earlier that aluminum has very good flexibility. So, if you are looking for special and beautiful types of doors and windows, aluminum types are a better option for you. Currently, aluminum products are entering the market with a variety of colors and even in some cases a variety of designs. This makes you choose one of the different types of these products according to your house or building decoration.

UPVC windows and doors usually are white. But these products can be designed in other colors according to the customer’s taste. In general, if you are looking for a special and stylish option for these products, different kinds of aluminum windows and doors are a better option for you; because they have a lot of variety.


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Aluminum doors and windows


Aluminum is known as a relatively expensive metal due to its unique properties. This makes aluminum products to be expensive. But, compared to wooden products, aluminum products are much more affordable for you. Keep in mind that you may need to pay higher costs to buy aluminum products, but if you plan to replace your doors and windows, you can save on replacement costs by selling the aluminum.

UPVC windows and doors are cheaper than aluminum ones. But if you are looking for a more durable and stronger product and consider buying aluminum as an investment, aluminum windows and doors are a better option for you.



How to care

Aluminum windows and doors are easy to clean. If the top layer on them is not scratched, no special action is needed. The only necessary action is to clean these doors and windows at short intervals.

UPVC doors and windows are exactly like aluminum types in terms of maintenance. These types of doors and windows do not require special care and you only have to clean them.



The construction

Aluminum windows and doors are made very delicately in addition to high resistance. Aluminum is known as a resistant metal against environmental factors. This issue has made all kinds of products made of aluminum to be very light.

The low weight of these products, in addition to increasing the elegance of the product, can also occupy very little space. The more delicately designed the windows and doors are, the more beautiful they are.

Along with aluminum windows and doors, UPVC products are usually produced with more thickness. This has caused the space occupied by these types of doors and windows to be relatively large. If you are looking for a resistant and insulating product along with being elegant and lightweight, aluminum products are the right choice for you.

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aluminum or UPVC products?

Which one to buy, aluminum or UPVC products?

According to the information provided regarding the comparison of aluminum windows and doors with UPVC products, you will find out which option is more suitable for you. You can never say which of these products you should buy.  But aluminum windows and doors, as a natural, strong, and light material, are recognized as a more suitable option in many cases. In addition to this, the diversity in making these products also helps you to take advantage of the beauty factor in designing your doors and windows.

Most of Canada’s windows and doors are aluminum types of these products. If you are also looking for aluminum products, you can set your order on the Alumiro website. This company designs and produces various types of aluminum windows and doors. You can buy the desired product according to your taste.

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