In addition to being beautiful, the entrance door of the building should also have good strength. Currently, various raw materials are used for designing and producing the entrance door. Each of these raw materials has its advantages.

In this article, we are going to talk to you about the types of entrance doors, especially aluminum doors, and tell you which types of doors with what features are suitable for your home.

Entrance doors must have good security because they separate the inside and outside of the house. In addition to security and strength, these doors must be beautiful, because doors have a great effect on the appearance of the building.

Also, these doors must show appropriate and acceptable resistance against environmental factors such as cold, heat, sunlight, strike, storm, earthquake, etc. Let’s check different types of entrance doors together.

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Entrance aluminum doors

Different types of entrance doors

Iron and steel doors

One of the most popular types of entrance doors is iron and steel doors. These doors are used in security places. In addition to high security, these doors may be indented or scratched upon strike, and this issue can ruin the overall appearance of these doors. Along with proper strength, iron and steel doors are very heavy, and using them for busy entrances is not a good option at all.

You may get tired of opening and closing these doors once or twice! In addition to this, these doors can be dangerous because they are very heavy. For example, if your hand is placed between these doors, irreparable damage to your muscles is a common thing.

Wooden doors

Before we talk about aluminum doors, let’s get to know other popular types of front doors. As their name suggests, wooden doors are the oldest and most widely used types of entrance doors. The eye-catching beauty and naturalness of these doors have made many people interested in using them.

But since wood is a natural material that easily reacts to the environmental factor, currently various coatings are used on wooden doors to increase their life. If you are interested in classic styles, different types of wooden doors are a good option for you.

Aluminum doors

After talking about steel, iron, and wooden doors, now it is time to check the characteristics of different types of aluminum doors. Aluminum is known for its lightness, durability, and strength as a quality metal for many different types of doors and windows. Aluminum is a very flexible metal that makes it much easier to shape, and this is why aluminum doors are currently one of the most popular types of entrance doors.

These products have a very long life and are relatively resistant to environmental factors. If you are looking for a strong, beautiful, light, and economical option, aluminum doors are a very suitable option for you.

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Different types of entrance doors

Why should we use entrance aluminum doors?

Earlier, we introduced three of the most popular types of entrance doors, i.e. iron and steel, wooden, and aluminum doors. Now we want to tell you why using an aluminum entrance door is a more suitable and affordable option for you.  Let’s check together the things that can convince you to use aluminum doors.


Variety of construction

We told you that aluminum has very high flexibility characteristics. This issue has caused these aluminum doors to be designed in different types. You can buy these doors in sliding, automatic, pivot, accordion, etc.

Aluminum metal has very good strength and its flexibility has made different types of entrance doors be designed and produced using it. If you are a follower of the modern style, you can buy modern, beautiful, and unusual types of entrance doors using aluminum.


All aluminum doors are very beautiful

Another thing that can make you choose aluminum doors among the various types of entrance doors is the beauty. Due to the flexibility of aluminum, these doors can be designed in various types. In addition, the flexibility of aluminum has made aluminum doors to be produced in the most beautiful and elegant designs and models.

For example, the use of small windows in the frame, the use of mesh designs on the door, etc. are among those things that make aluminum doors a very beautiful and eye-catching option. If you are looking for unusual doors and want to get away from traditional architecture, aluminum doors are a good option.

No one denies that the traditional appearance of houses is amazing and eye-catching, but in many cases, traditional factors cannot be used in modern buildings. In this situation, you can create a good harmony between the architectural factors of your building by using different types of aluminum doors.

high security with aluminum doors

Aluminum doors have great strength against strikes and other environmental factors.  In addition to this, among the different types of other doors, aluminum doors can give you much more security. If quality and suitable frames and locks are used for the aluminum entrance door, you can be sure that the possibility of a thief entering the house will be close to zero.

Aluminum doors are very resistant and in addition to being flexible, they do not show any weakness against strikes. This issue has made people use aluminum doors in many security areas.

Aluminum does not harm the nature

This point may not convince you to use different types of aluminum doors at first, but if you think a little more, you will realize that the returnability of the product you buy can help you feel good. In addition to using recyclable material, if for any reason you decide to replace your aluminum door with another one, you can save money by selling the old door. Aluminum is a relatively valuable metal, and there are always people who want to buy it.

For this reason, if you intend to change the door of your house, you can do it at the lowest cost.

What should we pay attention to when buying an entrance aluminum doors?

If you are also curious to use this type of door for your home after reading about the positive features of the aluminum entrance door, you should pay attention to various things. For example, the quality of the products, the use of the right covers on the doors, the use of the right frame, the accuracy and attention to its color and design, etc.

are among the things that you should pay attention to when buying them. Fortunately, many aluminum door manufacturers around the world produce different types of aluminum doors.

All you need to do is visit a reputable aluminum door manufacturer. In the next step, you can put your order by specifying the appearance and overall features of the aluminum door.


In general, due to its unique features, aluminum is a very suitable option for the design and production of entrance doors. In this context, we have given you tips that can convince you to use different types of aluminum doors with their unique features. If you are also looking for a high-quality and well-known production group in the field of producing different types of aluminum doors, you can use the services of Alumiro Production Group.

This production group designs and produces different types of aluminum doors and windows and can fully satisfy your needs for these products. If you are looking for the most special, high-quality, and beautiful types of aluminum entrance doors, you can put your order by visiting the Alumiro website and waiting for it to be built.

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