Aluminum is one of the metals used in various fields in the construction industry. Designing and producing window frames, aluminum composite panels, different types of aluminum doors, etc … are among those products that are produced by aluminum. Aluminum has unique features, one of them is flexibility. This issue has made this metal a very suitable option for Designing and producing window frames.

Nowadays, according to the progress made in architecture, different types of windows are installed on buildings. Each of these windows has its unique features. Beauty, durability, and ease of use are among these features. In this context, we intend to talk to you about the different types of window frames and tell you what types of aluminum windows are designed.

If you are curious to know more about aluminum windows, we suggest you follow us to the end of the content. Fortunately, due to the popularity of aluminum windows, aluminum window manufacturers design windows in different types according to customer desire.

Review of different types of window framesInvestigating the benefits of aluminum windows

Before informing you about the types of aluminum window frames, it is better to talk about the benefits of this raw material for making Windows. Aluminum along with good flexibility has good strength. This has caused the high durability and longevity of this metal against environmental factors.

Aluminum does not require special maintenance. If aluminum window frames are properly painted and installed correctly, they will not require any special maintenance for a long time. Aluminum is an amazing metal that can be easily shaped and turned into beautiful frames. This has made aluminum windows have amazing beauty. Diversity in construction is another advantage of aluminum window frames that can attract many customers.

These windows, along with the use of resistant glass, can act as heat and sound insulators. In addition, these windows are also very resistant to fire and prevent its transmission. In general, if you are looking for a durable, beautiful, and cheap product, aluminum windows are the right choice for you.


Aluminum Windows
window frames


Examining different types of window frames

After talking about the features of aluminum alongside the benefits of using aluminum windows, it is better to introduce different types of aluminum window frames for you. If you are also curious to get more information about the different types of these frames, follow us.


A casement or hinged window is one of the most used and popular types of aluminum window frames. Hinged windows, as their name suggests, have one or two hinges that can open the window vertically or horizontally. These windows are usually designed as two windows next to each other, one of which or both of them may be openable. These windows are relatively easy to use and are known as a normal and popular type of window.

Bay window frames

Among other types of window frames, we can mention bay windows. Bay windows are usually made of three separate windows, with the middle window protruding. If you stand in front of these types of windows, you can have a full view on three sides of the view. These types of windows have amazing features and can give you a perfect view.

Sliding window frames

Sliding windows are other popular types of windows that have a fixed part and a movable part. In this type of window, a moving part moves on the rails and causes the window to open and close.

Awning windows

Awning windows are one of those windows that are a very suitable option for a rainy region like Canada. These types of windows are produced and designed in a way that even if the window is open, rainwater cannot enter the house. In addition, these types of windows are easy to open and close. Awning window frames are beautiful. In most of these types of window frames, there are no elements or columns in the middle of the frame, and this point is what makes these types of windows beautiful.

Arched window frames

Arched windows have round frames and can help you create a positive feeling in the space. These types of windows are usually for watching the view and cannot be opened. Of course, the smaller types of these windows can be opened and closed with hinges. These types of windows add a special beauty to your home. If you want to use an arched window only to allow natural light to pass through, try to dedicate a very large wall to it. In this situation, along with the use of relatively thin curtains, you can give stunning beauty to your bedroom or living room.

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