Motorized Control Systems

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Alumiro produces modern industrial and architectural designed systems including doors, windows, curtain and window wall systems along with motorized control systems plus other special applications for the construction sector. We create these innovative designs in our Canadian based production facility.

Electric motorized openers are worth the cost for anyone looking for ease of use or for improving energy efficiency, safety, and security at home. Alumiro can integrate a customized wireless system application into our motorized openers to make everything work the way you need and this can be integrated with home devices such as Google Nest, Alexa, Siri, etc. They could be part of your security system, a timed operational system to open in the morning and close in the evening or detecting weather and programed to close in rain or high winds, etc.

From your front doors, all your windows, window blinds to patio doors, our electric motorized openers have many benefits.

Ease of Use
  • Electric motorized openers make it easier to open and close out of reach windows where manual winding gear may require a ladder or a long bar.
  • They can make our ten- or twelve-foot-high patio sliding doors operate even more effortlessly.
  • Alumiro uses either electric or pneumatic chain, gear or belt driven systems depending on the job. Chained actuators work better for vertical windows as they operate on a chain instead of a rod. Folding arm actuators are best on side-hinged windows, making hard-to-reach windows a breeze.
Automation Capabilities
  • The smart home could use geolocation to shut and lock the windows from anywhere when someone is not at home. You could set them to open at a certain time to optimize airflow and keep the house cool or open the windows on your summer home to air it out before you arrive.
Energy Efficiency
  • Electric motorized openers are a fantastic way to save money on energy. You can use smart home technology to open and close any combination of windows at once if the house is getting too cold or too warm. These can even link up to a smart thermostat or temperature sensors around the home.
Safety and Security
  • Motorized openers provide an extra level of safety and security. You can close and lock all windows at once in case you are worried about intruders.