Frame Material


Alumiro’s Aluminium frames which are the same in applications from residential to commercial, offer six key advantages that make it the ideal choice for beautiful window or door frames:


High Strength

Aluminium is the strongest material used and will not be affected by changes in temperature and does not:  

  • Flex 
  • Twist 
  • Expand
  • Contract.


Excellent Thermal Efficiency

  • An EPDM rubber strip in our aluminum window and door profiles designed for North American weather conditions create a thermal break making them highly thermally efficient. 
  • Less conductivity of cold or heat
  • Tested for wind, air, water and structural performance
  • Certified by NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) and AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association)

Sound Barrier

  • Our aluminum frames with our thermal break combined with either double or triple glazed window or door glass create an excellent sound barrier. 

Fire Protection

  • The melting temperature of aluminum is high which lowers the time it takes to damage these windows during a fire. 

Low Maintenance

  • Powder coated frames offer long life and less fading.
  • Clean with warm soapy water to keep them looking new
  • Powder coated aluminium also does not corrode, rot or warp. 


Beautiful slim frames available with powder coated colours that give a flawlessly smooth finish creating windows of the highest quality. 

  • We offer a range of styles to suit your creativity, including casement, awning, push out plus tilt and turn windows. 
  • High flexibility Aluminum allows you to create unique window shapes without losing the characteristics of the aluminum metal.