Various factors and elements are used in today’s modern houses. Each of these factors has its unique features and can show modernity in a way. Different types of patio aluminum doors are one of the influential factors that are used in modern homes today.

In addition to protecting the house from environmental factors such as cold, hot, wind and storm, dust, etc., these doors also make the space more beautiful. Currently, there are different types of patio aluminum doors each of which has its unique features. If you also intend to use different types of these doors, you can finalize your decision by getting some information about each of them.

What is a patio?

What is a patio?

Before we talk to you about the different types of patio aluminum doors, it is better to check the features of the patio. The patio is known as a small backyard that can be designed and built-in villas and penthouses.  This part of the house has unique features, but its main task is to transmit natural sunlight into the house.

It is precisely for this reason that different types of patio doors are designed. In many cases, the patio is known as a small nature. Using beautiful flower pots and a few benches can help you spend hours relaxing in your backyard on nice days of the year. These are exactly the things that make choosing a patio door a very important choice.

The right choice can help you to make your home decoration and design look much more beautiful.


What should we pay attention to when choosing a patio door?

Different types of aluminum patio doors are designed so that they can transmit natural light inside the house. These doors should have the ability to open and close comfortably. When patio aluminum doors are open, they cause great airflow. exactly because of that, different types of patio doors are usually much larger than ordinary doors.

The importance and application of different types of patio aluminum doors are revealed in the spring. As you all know, spring has moderate and suitable weather. You can enjoy fresh air 24 hours a day by leaving the patio door open in spring.


The patio door can be known as a movable wall that you can open if you need and establish a relatively suitable connection with the environment outside the house. In addition, patio aluminum doors must be insulated against environmental factors. In the cold seasons of the year and polluted air, you will know how practical and suitable the insulated patio door is.

In addition to winter, summer heat may also be annoying. We told you before that patio doors are usually designed with an aluminum frame and glass body. Glass can easily absorb sunlight in the summer season and transfer it inside the house. To avoid this problem, many people use colored glass or smart glass for the body of their patio doors.

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Investigating different types of patio aluminum doors

We told you earlier that aluminum door manufacturers produce their products in various types. The patio door is one of those products that will have better features with an aluminum frame. Aluminum is a metal that, in addition to being light and strong, also has sound and heat insulation properties. By using aluminum patio doors, in addition to using a strong product, you can insulate your home against environmental factors.  Let’s check different types of aluminum patio doors so that you can choose a suitable option for you.


Pivot aluminum doors

Pivot aluminum doors are one of the most popular and beautiful types of aluminum doors that can be used as a suitable option for the patio.  These doors are great for outdoor use and can help you turn the entire frame dedicated to the patio door into an outdoor space. If you feel that your patio door frame is not big enough, you can have a large and suitable space by using pivot doors.

In these doors, instead of installing the hinges on the side of the frame, the hinges are placed in the middle of the frame at a distance of a few centimeters from each other. In pivot doors, you can change the position of the doors to 90 degrees and experience good air circulation. Note that the price of these types of doors is usually higher than other types of doors, but the amazing beauty and ease of use are among the advantages of these types of doors.


Sliding aluminum door

The sliding door is one of the most popular and widely used different types of aluminum doors that are used for patios. Sliding doors have a relatively affordable price. They are also easy to install and use. Note that Sliding doors are designed in such a way that you will only have the ability to open and close half of the space allocated to the door frame. So, if you want to have wider access to the patio space, using different types of Sliding doors is not a good option for you.

Of course, this does not mean that you cannot use these doors to enjoy the fresh air and natural light; But, for example, compared to pivot doors, you will have less access to the patio space.


Bifold aluminum doors

One of the newest and most practical aluminum doors is the bifold door. These doors are designed to be installed as a complete and large window. Many of you may have seen picture windows. Picture windows cannot open and close and only allow you to see the outside through the glass. Bifold doors have almost the same function.

But these doors, in addition to the possibility of enjoying the view, help you to have proper access to the patio environment. These doors are opened and closed horizontally instead of vertically. If you intend to open these doors, the body of the door will be placed on the roof. These types of doors are usually used in very modern houses.

If you want that there is no mold or column on the door and you are looking for an amazing all-glass door, these types of doors are the right option for you.

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Sliding aluminum door


Corner bifold aluminum doors

If your patio area is relatively large, you can use two walls for the patio door instead of one wall. In this situation, an amazing option for patio aluminum doors is in front of you. Instead of using sliding, pivoting, etc. doors, you can use the corner bifold aluminum door. In this situation, the patio door is placed at a point where the two assigned walls make a 90-degree angle with each other.

Usually, the corner patio door consists of two separate Sliding doors that open at a 90-degree angle and become a completely open space, and you can move around or let the outside air enter the house easily. The corner bifold door is one of the most popular and beautiful patio doors that can give you a great view.



Many people admit that; if patio doors can keep our homes safe? Because these doors are designed as all glass, they may cause concern for some people. If you use a patio door with an aluminum frame and unbreakable glass, you can be sure that you have a strong wall against environmental factors as well as the entry of a thief.

Aluminum has unique features, one of which is extraordinary strength. Unbreakable glasses, as their name suggests, have good resistance to strong strikes. This issue has caused many people to use different types of patio doors without any special worries so that they can create a good connection with the outside environment.

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